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Fred Haddad Testimonials

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Fred represented me in a felony case.
Through his exceptional knowledge of the law he was able to get my case dismissed before it went to court.
He did exactly what he said he would do in a timely and efficient manner.
Thank you Fred for helping me out of a difficult situation !!
I highly recommend him if you want a true professional !!
Chris, Client
I was Fred’s first client and have known him as a friend and attorney, for the past 39 years. I have dealt with quite a few different attorneys who have worked in conjunction with Fred on my cases, and by far there is no one of the attorneys that can hold a candle to Fred. I pride myself in picking some of the best attorneys available to work with Fred, but he was always the number 1 attorney. Over the years Fred and I have socialized many many times, and I consider him one of my only friends. There is no question about his integrity, honesty or sincerity. If a person needs a top notch criminal attorney, Fred is your man, You may find an attorney with a good story, but I guarantee he won’t do the job for you that Fred will.
Carl, Client
I met Fred in the courtroom. Did not know who he was. By the way he conducted himself in the courtroom, gave me confidence he was my man, lawyer I was looking for.I was in one of my worst times of my life. No job , no money, my wife left and I was raising two sons.I still went to his office, told him my situation and he took my case.I am free, no jail, no probation….If you want the best, well respected lawyer, if you want to be free than go to Fred. Not only he will be your lawyer but he will always have time for you.Thank you mr. Fred Haddad. P.S.I have had many lawyers in my life,he is by far the best one.
Ivan, Client
As an established criminal defense litigator, I have had been fortunate enough to have been Fred’s client on a number of occasions over the years. What makes this outstanding and gutsy lawyer, among other things, a cut above the rest, begins with his willingness to assist fellow lawyers with legal services for anything from Bar complaints to criminal charges. What further distinguishes this heroic figure is his long standing policy of providing lawyers in need on a pro bono basis! I cannot recall a tine when Fred hesitated to offer his assistance whenever he was asked! Fred Haddad was born to practice, often standing up for the less fortunate and oppressed and will retire the day he dies! I am forever grateful for Fred ‘s unselfishness and compassion for those in need.
Todd, Client
Fred has a presence in the courtroom that speaks volumes. He is respected by all in the legal system from prosecutors, to judges to fellow defense lawyers. He has a reputation that speaks for itself and I feel privileged to have him defending me. My case is still ongoing and I am facing 25 years mandatory if i loose, the only reason I feel I have a chance is Fred. I have spoken to multitudes of people about his abilities and have been told continuously that I’m in the best hands I could hope for. As far as him telling me I’m going to be o.k. I would hope I have someone with that confidence, if an attorney tells you to hope for the best, do yourself a favor and find a new lawyer. Fred no longer needs to do what he does for the money over the last 25 years he has made plenty, he does this because it is what he does and he is the best at it. Im very grateful that he has taken my case and has shown me nothing the kindness and understanding for my situation. I have never committed a crime in my life including the one im currently charged with and i’m extremely confident Fred will prove my innocence. Fred has taken the worst situation I have ever faced and provided me with hope and if you are looking for someone who can defend you above and beyond, Fred Haddad is that man. Thank you for all you have done for me Fred i am eternally grateful. Im sure when this is over I will have my life back hiring you was the best decision i have ever made.
Michael, Client

Tarlika Navarro Testimonials

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As a single father with a professional certificate and a great deal at stake, I was faced with a legal situation a few years ago that could have been extremely detrimental to my family and career. Nunez-Navarro came highly recommended and for good reason—-she’s an amazing warrior who worked vigorously to clear my name, helping piece my life back together again. She is professional, assertive and dependable… and she makes her clients feel valued, respected, and at ease.
James, Client
Tarlika is the most incredible lawyer that I have ever met, and I have been surrounded by lawyers all my life. My case was a very tricky one, in which I was being charged with a felony, which would have ruined my life being just 20 years old. When Tarlika took on my case, she did not definitively promise me any outcome but assured me that she would try her very best to give me justice. I was also charged with a misdemeanor. Tarlika took on my case. She was tenacious and diligent. It took almost 3 months for me to hear back from the court regarding my case and each week Tarlika would religiously give me an update, even when nothing in the process was changing. Ultimately she was able to get both my charges DROPPED and my case DISMISSED. The chances of this happening for my case were extremely small, especially given the circumstances. The most frustrating part was that I was innocent of the charge against me. I will forever be in debt to Tarlika, and appreciate what she has done for me more than anyone will ever know. She literally saved my life, and gave me another chance when every other lawyer said this outcome was nearly impossible.
Anonymous, Client
Tarlika is Phenomenal. I had a situation that could have affected my life and career significantly. After meeting with her, I held her at high standard placing my trust and having faith that she will get the job done. “Definitely she executed successfully”. Very Professional and knowledgeable about the law. Excellent communication skills. I would recommend this Super Lawyer to anyone that is seeking a “Top Notch” Criminal Attorney. She is a blessing from God!!. Thanks Tarlika.
Anonymous, Client
Ms. Navarro is the best litigator I have seen. I was facing significant jail time (I prefer not to share what I was charged with) and she was able to get me a suspended sentence allowing me to go on probation and keep me out of jail. She always let me know the status of what was happening which helped me a lot because I was pretty nervous of what would happen. And she was always honest and direct and didn’t give me lawyer-speak so I could understand what was happening and what I could expect. I hope I never need another lawyer but if I Ms. Navarro is who I am going to.
Anonymous, Client
Tarlika is a great lawyer. She under promises and over delivers. She treated us with empathy. She is very proactive and keeps the client posted continually — even when there is nothing to report, so you know she is always paying attention. What she achieved for us is nothing short of a miracle and she got justice for my son.
Ara S, Client
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